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Here are a few of our favorite rides. All are on lightly trafficked roads once you leave Spear Street. All of our members start rides from the road that is directly under the fitness center (A.K.A. the airport.) To find out when our members are leaving for rides, come to a meeting. These cue sheets should be fairly easy to follow. There aren’t too many turns but keep in mind that a lot of the roads change names as you cross into new towns.

Sooner or later, you’ll get tired of these rides and start craving adventure. Finding epic dirt roads, five mile dead ends, getting lost, and having to ask random people for directions or a ride home is all part of the fun. Enjoy.

Important: Please remember to follow the rules of the road whenever you’re out for a ride, especially if you are wearing UVM Cycling apparel. UVM Cycling members are expected to adhere to the following guidelines while riding:

· Don’t race on the bike paths. These are really walking/running paths and should be treated as such. Ride single file and take it easy until you get to the road.

· Ride single file on busy roads like Spear Street.

· Obey stop-signs and traffic lights.

· Do not respond to angry motorists by doing anything that will provoke an argument.

· Use common sense and of course, always wear your helmet.


This is a relatively easy scenic ride that brings you along the shores of Lake Champlain and past Charlotte Beach. There’s a moderate amount of climbing but nothing for flatlanders to worry too much about. The ride is about 30 miles so expect to be out for 1:30 to 2:00.

1. Start out heading South on Spear Street

2. Turn Right on Irish Hill Road and cross Route 7 at the light

*FYI, Irish Hill becomes Falls Rd, Marsett Rd., and Bostwick Road, respectively

3. Once you cross Route 7 at the light, the road is now called Bostwick Road

4. Take a right on Lake Road

5. Take a left at the stop-sign onto Ferry Road

6. Cross Route 7 (Ferry Road becomes Church Hill Road)

7. Take a left on Mount Philo Road (this takes you back to Irish Hill)

8. At the 4-way stop, take a right onto Falls Road (becomes Irish Hill)

9. Turn left onto Spear Street and head home

Distance: 29.5 mi / 47.5 km

Climbing: 1503 ft / 458 m


This is a fun and easy out and back ride that will take you down to Shelburne Harbor. You’ll have great views of the Green and Adirondack Mountains. The ride is about 27 miles so expect to be out for 1:30 to 1:45. On the way to the Harbor, you will pass Shelburne Farms, a beautiful environmental education center and historical site. It’s worth the few extra minutes to check it out some time.

1. Start out heading South on Spear Street

2. Turn right on Irish Hill Road

3. At the 4-Way stop, turn right onto Falls Road

4. Cross Route 7 at the light and continue on Harbor Road

5. Stay on Harbor Road until you get to Shelburne Harbor

6. Turn around and head back!

Distance: 26.5 mi / 42.5 km

Climbing: 1445 ft / 440 m