General Information and Club Overview

UVM Cycling

Who we are: A student-run University of Vermont Club Sports organization dedicated to providing fun and affordable bike riding and racing for anyone interested in the sport of cycling. UVM Cycling has no membership dues. Our resources come primarily from UVM’s awesome Student Government Association Club Sports branch, our own fundraising efforts, and our generous sponsors.

What we do (Non-Racing): While competition is a large part of our club culture, joining UVM Cycling does not mean you have to race. Bike club members routinely organize group rides for training or just for fun! Joining UVM Cycling has many other benefits as well; we get significant discounts at local bike shops, affordable and flashy team uniforms, a large group of pre-made friends who share your interests, and a never ending supply of bike parts, bike advice, bike news, bike banter and generally all things bike.

What we do (Racing): UVM Cycling competes at Collegiate Cycling races year ‘round. Our athletes compete in Mountain, Road, Track, and Cyclocross disciplines on a regional level and routinely qualify for and attend national caliber events for those disciplines as well. UVM Cycling competes in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC), an organization which brings together riders from everywhere North of Delaware and East of Pennsylvania. As the largest collegiate cycling conference in America, the ECCC is also the fastest. This means that our athletes are consistently racing some of the fastest collegiate racers in the country, and quite often, winning! UVM Cycling has multiple Nationals competition titles including wins in Road, and Cyclocross. Our Mountain bike team has won the points omnium in the ECCC for as long as anyone can remember. UVM Cycling has many past and current members who are fully sponsored professional cyclists. View our racing schedule here.

How we do it:  With the exception of Nationals, races always occur on weekends and are accordingly referred to as “race weekends”. A race weekend will include several races, sometimes as many as four distinct competitions spanning both Saturday and Sunday. The number of races which a UVM Cycling athlete can enter is entirely up to them. The team rents vehicles from the Student Government Association (SGA) and leaves after classes on Friday night to travel to the race site where we stay in condos, hotels, or teammate’s houses. After two hard days of racing, the team travels back to the University on Sunday night to resume classes on Monday. The team charge $30 per person for a race weekend. This comprehensive fee covers travel, all race entries, and lodging. All racers need to do is provide their own food and bicycle. First-time racers get their first race weekend for FREE!

How to Join: Find us [UVM Cycling] on the UVM Lynx and click ‘join’ to be submitted for approval on our roster. Next step: If you’re really serious about getting involved you’ll want to join our email list (listserv). The listserv is the team’s main method of communication and our means of organizing meetings, rides, trips and events. Follow this link to access UVM’s listserv manger and add yourself to the UVM Cycling list. Then, come to a meeting! Meetings are where we sign up for races, discuss club policy, plan events, and have a good time. Meetings will be held at 8:00 pm on Tuesdays in the Mount Mansfield Room of the Davis Center (second floor, across from Ben and Jerry’s) for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact our officers via email at our addresses listed here.