Monthly Breakfast Meetings

Monthly breakfast meetings are currently held in the following cities, usually (but not always) on the last Friday of each month: Victoria, Vancouver (New West).

Check with host each month if you do not see a blog announcement confirming the meeting.

If you would like to host one in your community, the rules are simple:
  • take a photo (at least cel-phone quality) or draw a sketch of the attendees each month and post it here
  • stay for at least 20 minutes after the appointed time.  
We are actively looking for breakfast meeting hosts in: Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Surrey, Spuzzm.
Victoria, BC
Hosted by Doug Ransom.  Monthly meetings are at 8:00AM at Whitespot, 710 Caledonia Ave, Victoria, BC.

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Vancouver, BC

Hosted by Catherine Roome.  Monthly Meetings are at 8:00AM at the Whitespot, New Westminster (in the Royal City Centre, corner of 6th Street and 6th Avenue, lots of parking underneath).  

White Spot Restaurants