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Monthly Breakfast Meetings

posted Aug 10, 2011, 4:26 PM by Doug Ransom   [ updated Aug 16, 2011, 1:16 PM ]
The Faculty of Engineering Alumni are now hosting breakfast meetings in a number of cities, starting this month in Victoria and Vancouver.

What is the Agenda?

As we are just getting these off the ground, these events are very unstructured and without specific agendas. As we build some momentum and learn about alumni interests, we may change the format and venue - we will see what emerges.   

The Vancouver breakfast will be at 8:00 AM, August 26,  Whitespot, New Westminster (in the Royal City Centre, corner of 6th Street and 6th Avenue, lots of parking underneath).
Hosted by Catherine Roome (B.Eng. Class of ’90).

The Victoria breakfast will be at 8:00 AM, August 26, Whitespot, 710 Calendonia, Victoria, BC.  Hosted by Doug Ransom (B.Eng. Class of '90).

Let us know if you are coming, or if you would like to host one on your city on August 26.