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EdSA Constitution and Bylaws

1.  Name of the Organization


The name of the organization is the Education Students’ Association, which is a Professional Development Union of the UVSS, hereinafter referred to as the “EdSA”.

2.  Objectives


EdSA shall seek to promote and represent student interest within the Faculty of Education.  The objective shall be met by a variety of means, academic and/or social, and, without limitation, shall:

1.       Provide a forum for the discussion of matters concerning the quality and accessibility of education within the faculty;

2.       Provide a means of expressing a consensus of student opinion to department faculty through representation at faculty meetings, and on such faculty and/or department committees as are appropriate;

3. In the instance of grievances between students, instructors, and course content, provide students with the guidelines for appeal:

    i)  the student must first discuss any issues regarding academic content with the instructor in person

    ii)  if the student feels as if the issue has not been addressed, the student must make an appointment to see the Chair or Director of the course

    iii)  in the event that a student would require support at the meeting, they are to contact the UVSS, who will assign an Ombudsperson to accompany the student to the                 meeting

4.       Undertake arrangements for such activities as are for the benefit of students and are seen to be within the field of interest of students in the society.

5.   Represent the association on issues germane to our profession and its relationship with society at large.

3.  Dissolution

Upon the dissolution of EdSA, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of its debts shall be given or transferred to the University of Victoria Students’ Society to be kept in trust until bodies similar to EdSA constitute(s).


Bylaw One – Membership

1.       Active members shall be all students registered in the Faculty of Education and who have paid their Professional Development Union activity fee.

2.       Associate members shall be any Faculty member or Grad student who specifically wishes to be listed as an Associate member.  These members may not vote at General Meetings, referenda or stand for election to a position on the Executive Council.

3.       The Executive Council may award honourary memberships to individuals who have made significant contributions to the work of EdSA at any time in the past or present.  These members may not vote at General Meetings, referenda or stand for election to a position on the Executive Council.

4.       Active membership will cease upon failure to meet the criteria specified in Bylaw One, Article One.

5.       Hereinafter ‘member’ shall refer only to active members.

Bylaw Two – Governing Body

1.       The name of the Governing body of EdSA shall be the Executive Council.

2.       The members of the Executive Council shall be:

a.       President

b.      Vice President

c.       Treasurer

d.      Director(s)

3.       Members of the Executive Council shall be paid an annual stipend of $200 each split into two payments of $100. One at the end of the Winter semester (March) and one at the end of the Fall semester (November).

4.       Any member of EdSA shall be eligible for an elected position on the Executive Council, except President.  This position must be held by someone who has been on the Executive Council for at least 1 year.  If in the instance that there is no eligible EdSA member for the position of president, presidency shall be appointed based on election votes

Bylaw Three – Elections to the Executive Council

1.       The members of the Executive Council shall be elected for terms beginning in January and ending at the end of December during the Election Meeting in November.

2.       President elect must serve a minimum of 1 year on the EdSA committee before elected (see bylaw two for exceptions)

3.       Should a vacancy occur on the Executive Council, the positions shall be temporarily filled by an appointee of the Executive until the next General Meeting and another election may be held.

Bylaw Four – Duties of the Executive Council

EdSA Executive Roles:

President (requires 1 year previous experience on EdSA):

  • Organize and chair meetings.

  • Set up office hours and ensure it runs properly

  • Network and act as a student liaison with faculty

  • Attend faculty meetings (can be appointed to another member)

  • Facilitate fundraising if necessary

  • Check email on the UVic (Gmail is forwarded to UVic server)

  • Maintain the EdSA Dropbox server to share lesson plans

  • Ensure that executive body is contributing fairly to EdSA and working smoothly

  • Oversee duties of other EdSA members

  • Help Directors when necessary

  • Deal with problem situations sensitively and effectively

  • Co-sign cheques for EdSA expenditures

  • Create opportunities for team building in EdSA group


  • Assist with Presidential duties when necessary

  • Act in position of President when he/she is absent

  • Check the mailbox once a week.

  • Assist President with planning and organizing orientation activities

  • Liaison between EdSA and Education faculty committees

  • Organize office and purchase necessary supplies

  • Help executive members when necessary

  • Update the EdSA website

  • Co-sign cheques for EdSA expenditures


  • Monthly: balance books and reconcile bank statements and petty cash to receipts

  • Prepare letters at the end of the year to release signing authorities on bank account

  • Prepare donations at the end of the year

  • Assist with EDSA where necessary

  • Co-sign cheques for EdSA expenditures

Directors (7)

  • Participates in a committee to organize two social events/two workshops per semester and the orientation activities in September

  • At least one EdSA representative needs to attend social events and ensure they run smoothly

  • Inform EDSA members of upcoming social events/workshops

  • Provide student body with a variety of workshops that develop knowledge in many subjects and age ranges

  • The Directors will function as a committee, and will decide amongst themselves the distribution of responsibility for the organization of all events. It is recommended that the Directors assign the following roles which may change with each event:

Event Organizer

  • Create and distribute tickets for all social events/workshops

  • Keep record of ticket sales and ticket money (using excel spreadsheets) on EDSA computer

  • Book rooms for workshops

  • Make sure that all details involving events are taken care of before and after social events and workshops

  • Arrange payment for all vendors used/for workshop provider/facilitator

  • Arrive early for workshop and help facilitator set up room


  • Organize food and refreshments for workshops/social events

Marketing and Communications

  • Email to remind participants of workshops

  • Send out email to fieldx@uvic.ca to inform student body of events

  • Send a thank you card to the facilitator

  • Create and post signs and posters for EDSA events and workshops

Bylaw Six – Fees and Funds

1.       The membership fee shall be $7.50 per term for students registered in four or more education course units.

2.       An alteration in the amount of the membership fees shall not be made until the request has been approved by a referendum, by secret ballot, of the members, in which 5% of members cast ballots.

3.       The membership fee shall be refunded by the Society upon any student’s written request to the Executive during the first two weeks of the semester as published in the University Calendar.  Verification with Accounting Services that such student has paid their term fees in full will be required before a refund is provided but this verification process will not affect the provision of a refund to the student.  Students who are refunded will relinquish their membership to the EdSA as specified in Bylaw One, Article One.

4.       The signing authority shall be the signatures of the Treasurer and at least one of the following members of the Executive:

a.       President

b.      Vice-President

5.       Any single expenditure by a member which will result in the use of Society funds will be required to be approved by 55% of the Executive during an Executive meeting.

6.       If there is a loss of Society funds due to a member consciously misusing such funds the member must compensate the Society for the financial loss from their personal funds within sixty (60) days or the Society will take whatever legal course of action they have available to them and the member shall no longer hold the status of a member in good standing with the Society.

7.       Any single expenditure by a member which will result in a total cost of over $100.00  of Society funds will be required to be approved by 2/3 of the Executive during an Executive meeting.

8.       Any grad donation will be made based on a per student basis. Proposals for grad donations must be submitted one month before the proposed event.  All members of the grad party must be invited to attend the event.

Bylaw Seven – Meetings

1.       EdSA shall hold an Annual General Meeting, which shall be known as the Annual General meeting.

a.       Fall General Meeting

       i. This meeting will be held in the last 15 days of September or the first 15

       days of October.

b.      Election Meeting

i. The Election Meeting of EdSA shall be held in the last fifteen (15) days of November.

c.      Special General Meetings

 i. Special General Meetings may be called at any time between the months of September and April inclusive by:

1.       a majority vote of a quorate meeting of the Executive Council, or

2.       a written request signed, with corresponding student numbers, by one percent (1%) of the membership.

2.       General Meeting Rules (use if Executive deems necessary)

3.       Members of EDSA may vote at meetings and each member shall have one vote.

a.       Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of all general meetings.

b.      Executive members must attend all regular meetings unless absence is excused by the president. Failure to fulfill this requirement could result in the executive body re-evaluating the status of their position.

c.      One percent (1%) of the membership shall constitute a quorum.

4.       Referenda

a.       Referenda may be called at any time from September to April inclusively by:

       i.      a majority vote of a quorate meeting of the Executive Council; or

      ii.   a requisite of one percent (1%) of the membership.

5.       Meetings of the Executive Council

a.       The Executive Council shall meet weekly

b.      Additional meetings may be set by a request made by three members of the Executive or by twenty members.

c.       Quorum shall be a majority of the current members of the Executive Council.

d.      Meetings shall be conducted, in general, according to Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition.

Bylaw Eight – Records and Reports

1.       The Executive Council shall see that all necessary books and records of EdSA required by the Constitution and/or the Bylaws of EdSA or by any applicable statute of law are regularly and properly kept and distributed.

2.       The Executive Council shall prepare a report at the end of the year to include a detailed list of activities undertaken by EdSA during the preceding year, and shall also include a detailed financial statement.

Bylaw Nine – Amendments

1.       Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws may be initiated by:

a.       any member of EdSA provided that the proposed amendment shall be signed by 1% of the members; or

b.      The Executive council after a 2/3 majority vote.

2.       The Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote at a properly constituted General Meeting or by a simple majority vote by referendum, by secret ballot of the members of EdSA.

3.       Two weeks’ notice is required for General Meetings or Referenda.  Posters specifying the place, time and nature of business shall be posted in plain view of the general membership.

*Constitution amended, February 25, 2014.