About EdSA

What is EdSA?

EdSA is a student run organization which focuses on providing professional development opportunities and social networking for the students within our faculty.  Our goal is to provide at least two workshops and two social events per semester (excluding summer semester) - we are open to suggestions as well!

All EdSA meetings are open to all students, and are determined at the beginning of each semester. We try to arrange our meetings times so that all students may attend, but scheduling isn't always perfect. We value the input of all students, which is why we encourage everyone to get involved through our Facebook page, our twitter account, emails, or scheduling some office hours to chat with an EdSA representative.

Is there a social event or workshop that you think would be beneficial for students? Contact us and we'll try to arrange it!

2017 EdSA Executives

President Vice PresidentTreasurer
Stewart Lucas - Last semester of Secondary PDP program. Science is my teachable. I'm happy to be a member of EdSA to provide for my fellow Ed students. I've loved my time in UVic Ed and EdSA as it has taught me so much about teaching and about the complexities of the people around me. Alex Pollock - Kailyn Bell - Third Year B.Ed., picture book lover, & Oxford comma enthusiast. If I'm not loitering around the EdSA office, I can be found by using "y'all" unironically and singing obnoxiously in cars.

Caitlin Belland - Rebecca Benner - 3rd Year Elementary BEd Student passionate about sustainability, music, and healthy living education. EdSA member because I love our Ed Family and I'm one of Those People who likes excessive organization. Follower of #YYJEdChat, and EdCamp enthusiast.Julia Bukovec - Melissa Rickson - Third year Elementary BEd student and lover of music, sunsets and list making. Huge nerd of the math and French variety who can usually be found singing or talking to herself somewhere in Maclaurin. Proud to be part of the Ed family at UVic, and excited to be able to represent it through EdSA.

Quinn Sadlowski - Alison Smith - Micheala Strain - Rosie Webster - 

EdSA Executive Roles:

President (requires 1 year previous experience on EdSA):

  • Organize and chair meetings.

  • Set up office hours and ensure it runs properly

  • Network and act as a student liaison with faculty

  • Attend faculty meetings (can be appointed to another member)

  • Facilitate fundraising if necessary

  • Check email on the UVic account (Gmail is forwarded to UVic server)

  • Maintain the EdSA Dropbox server to share lesson plans  

  • Ensure that executive body is contributing fairly to EdSA and working smoothly

  • Oversee duties of other EdSA members

  • Help Directors when necessary

  • Deal with problem situations sensitively and effectively

  • Co-sign cheques for EdSA expenditures

  • Create opportunities for team building in EdSA group


  • Assist with Presidential duties when necessary

  • Act in position of President when he/she is absent

  • Check the mail box once a week.

  • Assist President with planning and organizing orientation activities

  • Liason between EdSA and Education faculty committees

  • Organize office and purchase necessary supplies

  • Help executive members when necessary

  • Update the EdSA website

  • Co-sign cheques for EdSA expenditures


  • Monthly: balance books and reconcile bank statements and petty cash to receipts

  • Prepare letters at the end of the year to release signing authorities on bank account

  • Prepare donations at the end of the year

  • Assist with EDSA where necessary

  • Co-sign cheques for EdSA expenditures

Directors (7)

Participates in a committee to organize two social events/two workshops per semester and the orientation activities in September

    • At least one EdSA representative needs to attend social events and insure they run smoothly

    • Inform EDSA members of upcoming social events/workshops

    • Provide student body with a variety of workshops that develop knowledge in many subjects and age ranges

The Directors will function as a committee, and will decide amongst themselves the distribution of responsibility for the organization of all events.  It is recommended that the Directors assign the following roles which may change with each event:

  • Event Organizer

    • Create and distribute tickets for all social events/workshops

    • Keep record of ticket sales and ticket money (using excel spreadsheets) on EDSA computer

    • Book rooms for workshops

    • Make sure that all details involving events are taken care of before and after social events and workshops

    • Arrange payment for all vendors used/for workshop provider/facilitator

    • Arrive early for workshop and help facilitator set up room

  • Caterer

    • Organize food and refreshments for workshops/social events

  • Marketing and Communications

    • Email to remind participants of workshops

    • Send out email to fieldx@uvic.ca to inform student body of events

    • Send a thank you card to the facilitator

    • Create and post signs and posters for EDSA events and workshops