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Use all of these designs at your own risk.  I'm not an expert, and anything I do here might mess up your entire computer, day, or life.

My Projects

A few things I'm building or have built.

Have been built and tested

Still being designed/tested/built


Guides for how to use a few technologies, telling you just what you need to know, and providing links if you want to learn more: 


Various, non-geeky endeavors:

A note about what you'll find here

Unless otherwise noted, all content on this page is (C) 2006 Nick Johnson.  All software and hardware designs are, unless otherwise noted, released to the public under the LGPL license. All of this is released without any warranty of any kind.

These are my hobby projects.  They all involve a certain amount of hardware and a certain amount of software.  The software I write is written for a GNU/Linux computer with an x86 processor.  I doubt that this stuff will work on a different operating system or architecture, because GNU/Linux's parallel port primitives are quite architecture specific.  I don't know anything about windows, and don't even have a windows box on which to develop, so don't ask. 

I like feedback

Contact me about these designs and your designs!  I just like building stuff, and if you like that too, I'd be happy to hear from you. Here is a picture of my email address (spammers, ya know?).  Put [Nick's Idea Page] in the subject so I know it's not spam.