What is LEAD?

We are a chemistry outreach program made up of graduate students pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry at UVa. The graduate students that participate in L.E.A.D. are interested in educating young scientists and encouraging learning through asking questions.

Goals of LEAD

  • Show chemistry is fun and that anyone can do chemistry!
  • Improve contacts between University and K-12 science teachers
  • Inspire University chemistry students to become educators
  • Teach elementary students fundamental concepts in chemistry through hands on experiments
  • Improve leadership and communication skills of graduate students

What does L.E.A.D. stand for?

LEAD is an acronym for Learning through Experiments And Demonstrations.

What exactly does LEAD do?

We strive to bring exciting science experiments into local elementary schools.  Our main goal is to show the students that science and education are exciting, while at the same time teaching the basic guidelines for the scientific method.

How do I get LEAD to visit my school?

We are always looking for new schools or events to attend! Please contact us at uvalead@gmail.com to schedule a visit!