Beltaine, Amy Rev.

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Pohala, a place of healing, 7477 SE 52nd Ave, Portland, OR | Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Telephone


Monthly - peer group w/ credentialed supervisor


$75-$125, some lower cost slots available. Ask!

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

Helping dispirited givers to uncover and use their spiritual superpowers. You can create the world your heart yearns for by conspiring with divine love, tending your roots and celebrating your fruits.

Tap into wisdom from our bodies, ancestors, tribes, land, and universal experience. Move from 'no way' to 'your way' with your north star to guide you.

Earth-honoring or QQILTBAG identified folk especially welcome.

I’m a womanist process panentheist. What that means is... I am made of my relationships with my kin of blood and spirit-ancestors and current, I grow from the insights of all teachers and the lessons of the cosmos and universal experiences like the progression of the sun, and moon, and I am accountable to my relationship with the sacred as manifest in the place I find myself... trees, soil, ocean, breeze, and beings. I think of it as the religion of moon/forest/bone. (Or, in the order I just described... Bone, Moon, Forest. )

I hold an MDiv, am a Fellowshipped and ordained UU minister, credentialed transitions specialist with the Interim Ministry Network, and a graduate of the Contemplative Listening program at Namaste in Portland Oregon. I have been a professional spiritual director for 7 years.

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