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Name Surname  : URAL URAL

Title         : Senior Oracle DBA

Date of Birth : 17 July 1970

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Contact Info


Phone         : +31 68 191 3792

Location      : Amsterdam, Netherlands


Highlights of Qualifications :

- Oracle 10g RAC (Real Application Clusters) Database Administration

- Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager) Backup And Recovery

- Oracle Grid Control

- Oracle Data Guard Administration

- Veritas NetBackup Administration

- Oracle Database Administration (Oracle DBA)

- Oracle Databases (Oracle v7, 8, 9i and 10g on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms)
- Oracle Databases Backup and Recovery

- Oracle Databases Online Monitoring and Tuning

- Oracle Logical and Physical Standby Database Administration

- Oracle Transparent Gateways and Heterogeneous Services Administration

- Oracle Statspack

- Oracle Replication

- Oracle Log Miner

- Oracle Enterprise Manager

- Oracle Sql and Pl/Sql Code Development and Debugging

- Design and Administration of Oracle Data Warehouses

- Oracle Parallel Server, Oracle Parallel Processing and Partitioning

- Oracle Application Server Administration

- Database Design (Oracle Designer 2000, Sybase Power Designer, ErWin Data Modeler)

- Oracle Developer (Developer 6i, Developer 2000, Oracle 9i Forms Developer)
- Quest Software TOAD

- Unix Shell Programming

- Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration

- IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Linux Operating Systems Administration

- IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and Tivoli Backup Server Administration

- Java, Javascript, Servlet and Jsf Programming

- Mysql Databases

- Apache Tomcat Application Server

- Oracle 10g Upgrade

- Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager (AWR, ADDM, …)

- Linux Installation and Administration (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0(RHEL5) and Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0(OEL5))


Work Experience :

03/2008 – Today

Credit Europe Bank

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior Oracle DBA

Installed and administered two-node Oracle 10g RAC (Real Application Clusters) Database which is used for the Core Banking Application of the bank on IBM AIX servers. Setup, configured and administered the Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager) policies of all the Oracle databases within the bank. Used and administered Veritas NetBackup system which is integrated with Oracle RMAN. Setup and administered Oracle Grid Control. Administered the Oracle Dataguard Database for Disaster Recovery purposes.


04/2005 – 02/2008


Istanbul, Turkey

Oracle DBA Team Leader

Upgraded the core banking system from Oracle 9i( to Oracle 10g Release 2 ( Installed and administered several Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 (RHEL5) and Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0 (OEL5) servers, also administered the Oracle 10gR2 databases running on these systems.

Administered the production Oracle databases running on IBM AIX, Linux and Windows  operating systems. Achieved the administration of the core banking system which runs on Oracle database on IBM AIX servers. Administered the production Microsoft SQL Server databases and applications running on Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. Monitored and tuned these databases for achieving the peak performance in these systems. Performed Oracle database product upgrades and applied security patches and patches to resolve the various database bugs. Used Oracle Log Miner system to analyze the statements run by the users. Implemented the Oracle Physical Standby Databases, one of which is on-site and another is off-site in Disaster Recovery site. Developed custom shell scripts in AIX operating systems which are used for Oracle archive log shipping process between production and Oracle Physical Standby database systems in Disaster Recovery site. Formed and managed the Oracle Replication database which is used primarily for long-running queries and reports, by doing this  lessen the load on online core banking Oracle database. Built a pre-production Oracle database which reflects the day-1 picture of the production Oracle database, by doing this tested the correctness of the sql statements developed on new projects and also succeeded in the tuning phase in this database without causing any effect on production Oracle database. Administered the operating systems on which the databases run. Performed the administration of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and IBM Tivoli Backup Server. Coordinated the administration of Oracle Application Servers, which are used for core banking application system running on Windows operating systems and IBM Intel servers. Achieved the management of Oracle Transparent Gateway systems used between Oracle and other databases. Given sql and pl/sql tuning and Oracle Database   features and tips seminars to the software development team, to use our Oracle database systems more efficiently. Heavily used the Oracle Metalink and opened Service Requests to Oracle in order to solve the problems on Oracle databases.


01/2005 – 04/2005

Borusan Telecom

Istanbul, Turkey

Oracle DBA

Designed and coded the ORACLE data warehouse database and administered the production Oracle database. Achieved the design of database structures for the reporting tool, called Hyperion Performance Suite. Taken part in the administration of billing system, called MIND.


01/2003 – 10/2004

Genom Information Technologies

Istanbul, Turkey

Oracle DBA

Administered the Oracle databases used within the projects developed in the company. Helped the development team about tuning the sql statements and pl/sql codes they developed. Monitored and tuned the sqls performing bad. Given the support for the Oracle databases used by the clients of the company. Developed the custom shell scripting on HP-UX unix operating systems. Extensively used Oracle v8, 9i and 10g products, sql, pl/sql and Oracle Enterprise Manager for database administration purposes. Worked in the Hewlett Packard Turkey Consultancy group as an Oracle consultant and database administrator. Succeeded in two projects in Hewlett Packard Turkey Consultancy group, one of which is an Oracle data warehouse project developed for one of the customers of Hewlett Packard Turkey called Borcelik which is a big company producing steel in Turkey and the other project was a campaign management project developed for a leading mobile communications and GSM services operator in Turkey called Turkcell. Used Oracle database administration, pl/sql coding and Unix administration and shell scripting knowledge extensively.


12/1997 - 02/2002

Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB)

Istanbul, Turkey

Oracle DBA and Pl/Sql Developer

Succeeded in the design, coding and administration of the projects developed with Oracle tools and databases. Coded stored packages, procedures, functions and triggers. Written scripts for exporting, importing, and loading data, shell scripts for batch processing. Trained developers about sql and pl/sql code development. Used tools such as Quest Software TOAD, SQL Navigator, Oracle Sql Loader, Oracle Sql Plus,  Oracle Export/Import on Unix and Windows NT operating systems. Used case tools like Oracle Designer 2000, Sybase Power Designer and Computer Associates ErWin Data Modeler mostly for database design of new projects and for reverse-engineering of existing databases.

12/1996 - 11/1997

Kara Kuvvetleri Komutanligi Lojistik Ordu Bilgi Sistemleri Daire Baskanligi

Ankara, Turkey

Oracle DBA

Participated in the migration, development and administration of the Ground Aviation Information System Project. Taken responsibility to improve the database design of the project. Administered the Oracle databases on the Digital Unix, HP-UX, SCO-Unix and Microsoft Windows NT operating systems. Achieved performance tuning of sql and pl/sql codes. Used import, export and sql loader heavily. Gained extensive experience in database design, administration and performance tuning.


03/1995 - 03/1996

Biltim Computer Services

Istanbul, Turkey

Analyst Programmer

Developed Oracle pl/sql, Pro C, Oracle Forms and Reports programs. Performed maintenance of the existing shell scripts and developed new shell scripts of various types. Taken part in the Human Resources project and also a Banking project using Oracle Developer/2000 tool.


Certified Courses :

27 February 2007 : Cost Based Optimization, Indexing Strategies And Explain Plan – Jonathan Lewis

01 August   2005 : Oracle Application Server Administration II - Oracle

01 June     2005 : Oracle Application Server Administration I - Oracle

27 August   2003 : Oracle 9i - New Features for Application Developers – Oracle

28 June     2003 : Windows Server 2003 Seminar - Microsoft

29 April    2003 : Oracle Forms Update Workshop – Oracle

01 November 2000 : Oracle Discoverer for Administrators – Oracle

22 May      2000 : SL-276 Java Programming Language - Sun Microsystems

05 January  1999 : Project Management - Macro Consultancy

06 July     1998 : Developer/2000 Release 2 New Features – Oracle

01 May      1998 : Developer/2000: Training and Productivity Techniques – Oracle



Education :

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Technical University of Yildiz

Istanbul, Turkey