Clubs, teams, and UU evangelism
When Alex Szatmary was in first grade, he got kicked out of the Bat Club. In grad school, Alex quit the Secular Student Alliance due to a scheduling conflict with his evangelical Bible study; he was an atheist at the time. Alex has had the kinds of experiences with evangelical Christianity that have left him under the impression that evangelicals do evangelism because they want to share the goodness of Jesus with their friends (rather than because they want people to be like them and follow their rules). He thinks that it makes sense to evangelize UUism so he is trying to figure out why he isn’t very good at that.

Alex is married to Cammy Crane and teaches engineering at King’s College. He evangelizes board games, Buddhism, engineering, podcasts, single-origin espresso, and trivia because these are good things that make a lot of people happy but if they’re not for you, no hard feelings.