New Horizons

After our congregations traditional opening rituals and singing of a hymn there will be the following activities to choose from:

1. Mindfulness Meditation, led by Alex Szatmary Mindfulness meditation is a celebration of the present moment. Although it seems to work for helping people be happier and less anxious, it seems to work best when it's done without any particular goal or destination. No experience is required. You don't have to be able to pay attention very well. A lot of people sit in silence and feel crazy, which is fine. At the session, we'll have a brief time for instructions and questions. Then, we'll sit in silence together. Finally, we'll have time for discussion about meditation and how to practice mindfulness in our everyday lives.

2. Soul Matters All Ages Sharing Circle: Being a People of Wholeness, led by Jess Simon We will seek to widen our circles through story, discussion, meditation and art.