Frances Slocum

This Sunday will be our special day at Frances Slocum Park and we have reserved Pavilion 2 for the entire day. (For directions, see below.) Beginning at 10:30 we will have a New Horizons service with three activities to choose from. (See below for a description of the activities.) Following the service, we will have a potluck picnic meal and then an afternoon of leisure and enjoyment. A net is nearby for games such as volleyball or badminton. Many hiking trails and a playground are also nearby. We welcome whatever potluck food, sports equipment, board games, musical instruments, etc. that you'd like to take. (Note: The pavilion has no electricity.) To reduce paper usage, we encourage everyone to take your own dishes. We hope to see you there. The more, the merrier!

Directions: To get to Pavilion 2, go in the main park entrance on Mt. Olivet Road just east of our church, then take the first right and then the first left.

Activities during the service:
1. Wildflower Walk, led by Helene Elko
We will go on a short, easy walk to look for and identify wildflowers. We will also pick and press some of them.

2. Deer Trail - Edible Walk, led by Aaron Delaney Join us for a short hike on the Deer Trail to identify local edible plants and mushrooms. Discussion will focus on identification, harvest, and preparation. Please bring your identification guides and baskets! Those who'd like a shorter walk can meet the main party at Trailhead 2 from Mt. Olivet Rd. Please respect park regulations and consume only plants you have independently identified.

3. Discussion Group on the Environment, led by Karen Fisher Every week that Jim Spak comes to Sunday service, he says, “Let's do what we can to save Mother Earth.” Well, what can we do? Let’s have a discussion and brainstorming session on actions we can take and changes we can make, as individuals in one little corner of the earth. Karen would prefer to leave discussion of political action for a separate session, as both aspects of this enormous topic deserve time for consideration.