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FD Materials list

RE Materials in Fellowship Hall

White paper
Card stock
Construction paper
10 kids’ scissors
Glue bottles
Glue sticks
Colored pencils
Box of crayons
2 large erasers
Paint brushes
Plastic table clothes as drop clothes
Roll white paper
Roll of butcher paper
World map

Variety of games and cards

Teacher Box for All Teachers to Use:

1 stapler and box of staples
Paper clips, Safety pins
Pens, Pencils
1 roll of tape
1 adult scissors
Paper cutter

Located in the Children’s Chapel Closets:

Scrap paper, shredded paper, scrap booking supplies
Variety of stencils, wooden flower cut outs
Magazines for collages
Scrap felt, variety of colors
Cotton balls, Q –tips, popsicle sticks
Foam sheets, scrap foam and foam stickers
Small amounts of: feathers, pipe cleaners, gems, buttons, ribbons, fabric scraps
Mardi Gras beads, leis, shiny grass, foil shreds
2 whistles and 2 recorders
Extra candle and matches
Paper lunch bags and cello bags
Special use markers, fabric markers
Jewelry making supplies