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Faith Development

Faith Development is a lifelong journey. Rather than teaching religion, we search for truth and meaning as our lives unfold. By learning from the many world religions, being aware of wonder in our everyday lives, and studying our own Unitarian Universalist heritage, we uncover our potential for spiritual and religious growth. Faith development classes offer our children and adults the means for religious growth: a stimulating curriculum, a supportive community, and a safe place to think and discover for themselves.

Goals for our Faith Development Program: 
To provide experiences that align our inner lives with our UU Principles through the following components: 
1. A children’s program that combines familiar
rituals and new experiences.
2. An empowered Youth Group working together with adult partners.
3. Adult classes and groups.
4. A commitment to social action.
5. Activities that draw families together.
6. Retreats that offer new modes of experience.
7. Age-appropriate sexuality education.

Faith Development Policies can be found here