About the UUC Meditation Group

We meet every Wednesday in the Chapel* from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Each hour is divided into two sessions.  During the first session we center with some basic guidance and then sit silently.  Second session is usually guided and is based on a theme.  Some examples of the themes are Loving Kindness, Compassion and Mindfulness. About once a month we conduct a Zazen which is composed of three parts; silent sitting, walking meditation and then silent sitting.  Occasionally, we use a recorded meditation that is completely guided.

You could consider our meditation focus as eclectic.  The main purpose of the group is to provide a forum for people to meditate in a group setting.  That has proven valuable to many members who wanted to strengthen their practice and meditate for a longer period that they can by themselves.

Our standing rule is that you may come to the meditation at any time during the hour.  We do this to eliminate tardiness as a reason to not meditate.  Along these lines, we adopted the two session format to allow those who want a shorter meditation to have that as an option.  You can come either at 7:30 or 8:00.

Anyone is welcome to lead meditations of their choice. 

The church supplies chairs and seat cushions.  You are welcome to bring your own meditation cushions, pads and such.

In general we don't conduct discussions or dharma talk preferring to focus on meditation itself.  Sometimes members bring discussion items that we talk about after meditation has concluded.

Our group is open to all levels of experience. A number of people have gotten their start with meditation by sitting with our group.

You need not be a member of UUC and there is no fee to attend.

To receive a weekly email announcement of the meditation for the week please join our online group at:
Click the link labeled "Join this group".  You may opt out at any time by following the directions at the bottom of each message for "unsubscribing".

We have a public calendar of our meditations. You may access it at: UUC Meditation Group Calendar

*Please note that due to changing needs at UUC our location may be moved to another room at the last moment. If you come to the Chapel and don't find us there please be sure to check the daily church bulletin posted on the billboards.