The Fencing Club is one of the oldest clubs in the University and has a core of dedicated members who all enjoy hitting each other with pointy sticks and having a bit of craic. It's very social with regular pub and pizza get togethers after training, Christmas dinners, post intervarsity dinners, BBQ's... any reason to get together really. For the more professional fencer we have three dedicated coaches, Mike, Chris and Alaister. Mike is the NI National coach, Chris is our club coach with Alaister assisting him.

Training is on Wednesday Nights 6-8pm in the Minor Sports Hall

Everyone is welcome to come along and give it ago- all you need to bring is comfortable sports clothes and trainers- we provide everything else

To join full time you need Sports Union Membership (£10) and Sports Centre Membership (£10) and that's you covered to fence at club level for a year.

Both our student coaches and our professional coaches have more than enough time for beginners and are always glad to spend time with those who are willing to learn.

So go on! Give into that latent desire for adventure and glory that you have been harbouring for years, take yourself along to the fencing club, pick up a blade and set off on the pursuit of excellence.

If you have a genuine interest and can spare a few hours a week, then contact us.

If you want to find out about our highly qualified officers in our fencing club feel free to look up their references on our website. On our website there are also photos of past competitions (victories of spirit). Lets get To the point!!

Of course, its not all about waving your sword about. We also have to have time for our social life which we have a reputation for. Ale Quaffing (aka getting plastered)!!!

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