UUCC Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden provides present and former Members and Friends of the UUCC a place of simplicity and dignity for the placement of our cremated remains (refined ashes) and those of our loved ones, including pets. It offers a way to be symbolically connected both with them and the ongoing UU Community as each of us completes the circle of life.


The formal portion is a circle of seating stones, inspired by ancient stone circles and Native American council rings. It connects us to Earth itself, to history, and to each other, inviting meditation and remembrance. The design of the circle and footpath are intentionally simple, using natural and sustainable materials and native species, demanding relatively little maintenance. Aside from a common marker, there are no monuments, plaques or signs within the garden. And lastly, no artificial flowers.

All arrangements are to be made through the Minister and a member of the Memorial Garden committee.
• The Memorial Garden provides alternatives for placement of ashes:
           - Ashes may be scattered or interred along the Memorial Path.
           - Ashes may be placed in interment spaces outside the perimeter of
             the stone circle. These sites will be approximately 18 inches square.
• In either case, no urns or durable boxes may be used. Interred ashes shall be in
  biodegradable containers or placed directly into the soil.

• A free-standing common marker contains name plates inscribed with the name and birth and death dates of each person whose ashes are among those in the Memorial Garden.
• The common marker may also acknowledge those whose remains are not in the Garden.
• A grid map recording all interment locations will be kept with the Minister’s files in the
  Congregation’s permanent records.
• Spouses or partners wishing to have interment spaces and/or name plates next to each other may do this by pre-purchase.

A one-time, non-refundable fee will cover the costs of interment, the name plate and common marker, the Book of Remembrance, and maintenance.                                                                 Prepayment is encouraged both for your peace of mind and to maintain and enhance the Memorial Garden, whose funding is independent of the congregational budget.
Fees are available upon request. Please email uuccoffice@gmail.com or leave a message at 845-331-2884, the UUCC office.
Donations to the UUCC, earmarked for the Memorial Garden Fund, are welcome.