Initial Visit

Welcome to the UUCC!

We know that it is difficult to come into a group not knowing anyone or how things are done, so this is our virtual introduction of ourselves to you. We tend to be informal and casual in dress and manner and we hope you will feel comfortable and welcome.

Religious Education Building (farmhouse)

  • Sunday services are held in the Sanctuary. We have visitor and handicap parking near the Sanctuary. Bathrooms are handicap accessible.
  • Make use of our nursery caregiver who takes care of children under 4 years old, in the Religious Education Building during the service.
  • Speak with our Religious Exploration Coordinator, Kristen Schara, about our program. The children participate in the first part of the service and then go to the Religious Education Building for classes or supervised play in the summer.
  • If your child wants to stay with you during the entire service and becomes restless, we have a "restless room" in the Sanctuary where you can go and hear the service on speakers.
Restless Room

  • When you first enter our Sanctuary, an usher will give you the "Order of Service" and can direct you to the Welcome Table where you will be greeted and have your questions answered. You can go to the Welcome Table after the service also.
  • Print your name, address and email in the guest book to get on our newsletter mailing list.
  • Check out the pamphlet racks located near the Welcome Table and help yourself to information about Unitarian Universalism and our congregation.
  • Check out the bulletin boards in the hallway of the sanctuary for current events of interest.
  • Introduce yourself to our minister, the Reverend Erica Baron. She will be happy to make your acquaintance.
  • On the fifth Sunday of the month the collection is taken for a local charity.
  • Be sure to Follow us on Facebook to keep up with current happenings in the congregation and with our members.