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Social Justice Team

UUCC Community Service Projects

Sanctuary/Radical Hospitality
Local sanctuary issues were discussed at a community meeting in early March where Social Justice Team members Kathy Eberlein and Paula Silbey represented Rev. Erica Baron and UUCC. Over 50 people from a wide range of churches, synagogues, non-profit organizations and a mosque heard Father Frank Alagna of Holy Cross/Santa Cruz Episcopal Church discuss goals, issues and actions we can take.

Although our UUCC facility is unable to provide residential sanctuary space, our members and friends can take an active part in the Sanctuary Movement by providing: Space in your home (including private family/conjugal visiting opportunities); Food (provisions, preparation, delivery); Laundry support; Transportation (to medical appointments, court, etc.); Financial Support through the local Immigrants' Defense Fund; Rapid response intervention/disruption of ICE raids (following training)

If interested in attending future Sanctuary meetings or volunteering, please contact SJT members Kathy Eberlein (starsong47@earthlink.net) or Paula Silbey (paulasilbey@gmail.com).

Letter Writing Campaigns
In early March, 25 UUCC members wrote cards to Rep. John Faso and to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos opposing a proposed voucher program. The campaign, sponsored by the Social Justice Team, provided UUCC postcards, wording, stamps and printed address labels to facilitate our commitment to monthly letter writing. In Early March, the R.E. children and a dozen adults wrote WELCOME notes and cards to the Congolese refugee family settled in Dutchess County through the Church World Service.

The Social Justice Team Thanks the Following Members and Friends of the UUCC who attended these recent Social Action Events:
Not My President’s Day - SUNY New Paltz Rally on Feb 20th
Linda and Tom Hackett, Vickie O’Dougherty, Marcia Roth Tucci

Town Hall for Rep John Faso on Feb 24th
Linda and Tom Hackett, Regina Packard, Jerrelyn Mason, Karen Miller, Annie Labarge, Vick Melville, and Carol Warren

If you’ve participated in a social action event recently, please email the event details and your name to Laura Hollenbeck at loreleimh@me.com, so we can thank you in next month’s newsletter.