Women's Conversation Circle – October 1 from 6-8pm

posted Sep 25, 2018, 10:16 AM by UUCC Office
UUCC in the Farmhouse, in our cozy Pickett Rm.

The first Monday of the month, this month October 1st. The topic is serving items, things that we serve food and drink in. You are welcome to bring as a show n tell a cherished platter, bowl, dish glass, etc. We thought it would also be fun to bring items we no longer want as a swap so someone else can love it for a time. We pass the talking stick for a check in and then around again on the topic. No one is ever required to talk, we can chose to pass. If you are rushed feel free to bring your bag supper and all are invited to bring a snack to share afterwards, no need to feel obligated. Please join us.