Amateur Scientists Group — May 25 from 10am-Noon

posted May 7, 2019, 12:40 PM by UUCC Office

Topic:  "Rock Your Socks off, 2 Billion Years of New York State Earth History"

Presenter: Victor C. Capelli, environmental educator and naturalist 


Victor will present a special geology program entitled "Rock Your Socks Off 2, 2 Billion Years of New York State Earth History": from the oldest rocks to the "Chixulub" of the Catskill Mountains" including an exciting hands-on demonstration, display and brief slide show about geological and fossil history of New York. The origin of the Catskill Mountains, the Taconics, the Hudson Highlands and the geology of Manhattan will all be explored.  A special display table of typical New York State Rocks and Mineral and Fossils, including ancient beach ripple stone and fossil trees from the Catskill Sea of 350 million years ago will be set up for participants to examine.  Program attendees are urged to bring in their own rocks, minerals or fossils to be identified. Victor is a graduate of Cornell's Environmental Education Program and a former DEC Fish and Wildlife Technician, he has taught in schools, camps, museums, environmental eduxation centers all across New York and New England.


For more information, contact Vic Melville at vjmelville@aol or 845-339-3180.