Welcome to the

Unitarian Universalist

Congregation of the Catskills (UUCC)!

Our mission is diversity, community, growth, and action.

With respect for diversity of beliefs, identities,

and approaches, we: offer a compassionate,

supportive, welcoming community; provide opportunities for intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth;

and empower our members to act on our

UU Principles

in the world around us.

Our members and friends identify with a wide variety of theologies and spiritual practices, including Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan, Humanist, Atheist, Agnostic, and others.  We welcome all people of goodwill, from any age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, class, ability, or any other measure of human diversity.

Whoever you are

Wherever you come from

Whatever your journey

We Welcome You

Come Join Us

The UUCC is a Welcoming Congregation!

UUA Welcoming Congregation Logo

Services are Sundays at 10:30 am.  Religious Exploration at 10:30 am; supervised play in the summer. Childcare available.
September 30: Agreements — Rev. Erica Baron
Inspired by the story, The Agreement, by Barry Lopez, a look at the agreements we’ve made individually and as a community.  To what and to whom are we committed?

October 7: Windigo, the Monster of Greed — Rev. Erica Baron

An exploration of the legends of the Windigo, as told by Robin Wall Kimmerer. How can we overcome the monster of greed when it threatens our human community and the planet?

October 14: UN Sunday: When Crisis Calls — Allison Hess

October 21: Silence into Language — Rev. Erica Baron

Audre Lorde says that fear can lead us to silence, but silence does not cure fear or the conditions that create it. So, how do we bring that which we hold inside into language and action?

October 28: Honoring the Beloved Dead — Rev. Erica Baron

In a tradition begun by our Memorial Garden Committee, we will once again be honoring those we love who have died. You are invited to bring a photo or other memento of your loved one(s) and a favorite food that reminds you of them.