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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find you?
We're 10 - 15 minutes west of downtown Columbus on Goeller Boulevard. See the map page to request driving directions.

What goes on during the worship services?
Our Service usually includes hymns, readings, a children's message, an offering, a sermon, and special music. There is also time to share community announcements and individual joys and concerns. We occasionally have special services such as Hymn fests and Youth presentations.

Do you have a minister?
Yes, but we are in transition. Our full-time minister since 2003, Rev. Dennis McCarty, has recently retired. For a couple months Shari Woodbury, our former ministerial intern, will be our Summer Minister until the arrival of an official Interim Minister, Rev. Mary Moore.

What can I expect the first time I visit?
We will welcome you at the door, invite you to fill out a guest card, wear a name tag, and give you a bulletin. After the service we’d like you to join us in our Fellowship Hall for conversation over snacks and a cup of coffee or tea.

What do children do during the service?
Children are invited to come to the first part of the service. After our Children's Message children ages 3 through grade 6 have special classes during the rest of the service.  We have a nursery with trained babysitters near the sanctuary for infants and toddlers.  For more details please see Children’s Religious Education.

May our child stay with us during the service?
Of course.

What do adults wear? 
You are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable. You'll see everything from jeans and t-shirts to coats and ties.

What do children wear?
Like the adults, children may wear whatever they like, from casual to dress-up. They will probably spend part of the Religious Education class sitting on a carpet, and may be working with paste, glue, paint or crayons. In good weather they may play outdoors.

Do you have gay and lesbian members?
Yes. We are a Welcoming Congregation and welcome people of all sexual orientations as well as all political leanings, economic circumstances, races, and ethnicities.

Is your church accessible to people in wheelchairs?
Yes. The building and rooms, including the bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Do you have a hearing assistance system?
Yes. We have installed an induction loop amplifier to help people with hearing loss. Just ask for a personal hearing assistance device from one of the ushers. This device fits over your ear and will broadcast the service to you. If you wear a hearing aid with a "T" or telephone setting, set your aid to it and the service will be broadcast directly to you.

How old is your church?
The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbus has been meeting since 1968. We moved to our present location in 2002. For more information read a Brief UUCCI history...

Will I be pressured to join?
No. If you sign up for it, we'll send you our newsletter. We let people decide for themselves when, and if, they want to join our congregation.

What do Unitarian Universalists believe?
Unitarian Universalism has no creed or dogma, so we are an open and diverse community of religious seekers. Members of our congregation hold a wide variety of beliefs and include Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, those who believe in an earth-based spirituality, agnostics, atheists and more. We search for truth and a deeper meaning in life, and we covenant to support each other respectfully on our individual spiritual paths. For a deeper understanding of Unitarian Universalism, here are some links to explore: