How do I get the full article?

Many journals require a paid subscription to view the complete article. Fortunately, one of the benefits of being a UT student is that UT subscribes to lots of these journals, which means you have access to them free of charge. Unless you are on the UT server (connected to UT's wifi), sign in with your UTEID on the UT Libraries page (, click the bubble for GoogleScholar, and search for the article using the article search and the article's full name.

Click the active link that matches your article's name, or you can click the "Get this article" link to the right.

You will be redirected to a website which hosts the article. This is usually the native journal's page, but it can also be some other database or article-hosting site. Find the "download PDF" link to obtain a printable .pdf.


If you experience difficulty obtaining an article, please email one of the UNJC officer.s