How I Make $180 a day with YouTube

Recent review shows that virtually  1,500,000 videos are watch
 all over the world by over 500,000 viewers everyday on
YOUTUBE and this in turn has convert for the site owners
who uses revenue from this and their search engine
to offer free valued services ....................

How can I make Money on YOUTUBE ?

There are so many ways to generate a stable income from youtube
 without any start up capital
But in this report we shall be reviewing very few ad which
are practically the ones with high converting index.


How to convert viewers into visitors:
There are several facts that need to be keep in mind
-First one: COMPLETELY watermark the video with your url.
This means from beginning till the end, not just beginning, not just the end,
not just in the middle.Completely.Because there will be other people who will
just take your video, edit it and remove your credits, and then add
 their own credits in order to gain traffic. By completely watermarking
the url, you avoid this. -Second one: Make use of the TOS r
estrictions in order to drive traffic to your website. For instance youtube
videos forbids the adult videos. You can just take a soft
sexy video, and at the end of the video, say:
 “Youtube TOS forbids us from showing more.  Please visit our site to see more”
Or you can just take an adult video, cut the introduction part where there
is no nudity, and upload that one, with the same message. This is REALLY
a killer, you will get plenty of traffic using it. Most of the users are looking
for adult videos on youtube, but they can not find them. When you will
display such a message, be sure they will become your visitors. You will
learn more how to monetize the traffic and this kind of traffic later on in
the report. Or, another example: upload a trailer of a movie, this is legally,
and at the end say:
“In order to see the full movie online, visit”. You will later
learn how to monetize this kind of traffic.
-Third one: Give them just a little of what they want, and at the end of the
video redirect them to your website to see everything. For instance, let s
say you just upload a video of a kid walking on a street, when a bus is
coming towards him. STOP it before the end, and display the message:
YOU wanna see what happens next? Visit www. Etc. com
Another example: Upload a video of a people near a lion, crocodile,
elephant, everything. Suddenly, the animal is getting nervous,- you can
get plenty of such video on youtube, - and starts to attack the owner. You
stop the video before the attack and say: You wanna see what is next?
Visit www. Etc. Dom Another example: lets say you just downloaded the
highlights from a famous soccer game, all the goals and misses everything.
Lets say the score was 3-2 . Cut the video and make separate video for
each goal. And then upload each goal with the message at the end: if you
want to see the full highlights and the other goals, visit us.
The example are countless. You can check in the forum and share ideas

 find the rest of this in the manual.................
Could this really be a converting index?

This manual will show you


How to make $180 a day on youtube
without any software or web
designing or java encoding, only basic steps.

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