Executive Board

2018-2019 Student Bar Association Executive Board

Left to Right: Zac Shaffer, Ariel Berger, Billy Jeffers, Chuck Hatch, Eli Boldt

President - Billy Jeffers

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Undergrad: Oklahoma Christian University

Major: Accounting

ice President (Day) – Ariel Berger

Hometown: Miller City, OH

Undergrad: The University of Toledo

Major: English

Vice President (Night) - Chuck Hatch

Hometown: Erie, MI

Undergrad: The University of Toledo

Major: Criminal Justice

Secretary - Zac Shaffer

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Undergrad: The University of Toledo

Major: Political Science / Law & Social Thought

Treasurer - Eli Boldt 

Hometown: Graytown, OH

Undergrad: The Ohio State University

Major: Public Policy and Management