2018-2019 Committee Chairs UNDER REVIEW

Diversity - Co-Chairs: Atef Khalaf and Sabrinne Gibson

The Diversity Committee is responsible for the following objectives:

(1)  Identifying opportunities to reduce bias and enhance diversity amongst the student body with the objective of promoting full and equal participation in SBA, our profession, and the justice system by all persons.

(2)  Raising awareness and sensitivity regarding issues important to marginalized students, in order to enrich the Toledo Law educational experience and promote personal growth for all students.

(3)  Working with the SBA and Toledo Law Faculty Diversity Committee and Administration to foster mutual respect and appreciation of differences, similarities, and the promotion of cross-cultural understanding.

(4)  Promoting scholarly dialogue on diversity and inclusion.

(5)  Celebrating the diverse and unique attributes that each member of the College of Law brings to the classroom, social gatherings, and daily interactions.

By supporting a diverse student community and inclusive environment, the College of Law can enhance understanding across identities, break down racial, sexual, and gender-based stereotypes, improve learning outcomes, and prepare our students for a diverse and global workforce and society. 

Members: Madeline Parker, Ashley Gluss

Pro-Bono Committee- Co-Chairs: Gabby Schramm, Nicole Kurtanich and Ariel Berger 

The Pro Bono Committee is responsible for all Student Bar Association sponsored community service efforts. Specifically, the committee arranges opportunities for students to donate both time and assistance to a range of organizations, including charities and government assistance programs. Each year, the Student Bar Association focuses on one organization that will be its community partner. This joint venture provides the law student body with the opportunity to give back to the community in a significant way. Some of the events and opportunities include, but are not limited to: the annual SBA Red Cross Blood Drives, Pro Se assistance, and the annual 5k Charity Race/Walk. These opportunities are meant to instill a culture of community service in the student body as each student prepares to enter the legal community. For more information, contact the Pro Bono Committee co-chairs.

Members: Jordan Held, Ashley Gluss

Social Committee - Co-Chairs: Ben Syroka and Katie Tauber

This committee provides diverse social activities to promote networking and collegiality and acts as a calendar clearing house for all organizational social activities. It strives to provide students with numerous opportunities to meet each other and to come together as a class and as a law school. This committee also helps to provide memorable experiences for the students and helps them to interact with each other and the faculty in a less stressful environment. The big events this group plans are the Mud Hens game, Fall Ball, Barrister's Ball, Grad Bash, and weekly Bar Reviews.

Members:Jarett Bruner

Campus Activities - Co-Chairs: Ben Syroka and Rena Laws
The Campus Activities Committee is responsible for providing information about campus-wide activities to students at the College of Law; serves as liaison between the College of Law and the greater University of Toledo community, including the Student Government, the Student Activities Committee, the Graduate Student Association, and other various campus committees; plans and organizes activities such as tailgates, inter-mural sports, field days, bowling leagues, and other events; and performs other duties as necessary.

Members: Gabby Schramm, Ashley Jayne

Student Development - Co-Chairs: Tom Kirkham and Jordan Held

The Student Development Committee is responsible for providing all SBA-sponsored academic programming; plans and organizes any SBA-sponsored mentoring program or book sale; acts as a liaison between the student body and the Office of Professional Development; plans the Bar Association Forum event; maintains communication between the Admissions office and the SBA; helps develop the student body at the COL through the Student Ambassador Program;plans and organizes Wellness Week; works with the Social Committee to organize Orientation Week activities; and performs other duties as necessary.

Members: Madeline Parker, Forrest Miller

Elections - Co-Chairs: Chuck Hatch and Forrest Miller

The Election Committee is chaired by the Vice President – Night and consists of five members: the Vice President – Night, one Class Representative for each full-time class (total of three (3)) and one (1) part-time Class Representative from any of the part-time classes. No member may be a presidential candidate.

1. The Election Committee is staffed by the Vice President – Night in the spring semester prior to elections for Class Representative. A 1L Class Representative will be appointed to the committee following elections in the fall.

2. The Election Committee determines and oversees the campaigning and polling procedures of Class Representative and presidential elections.

Members: Sabrinne Gibson, Ashley Jayne