2016-2017 Committee Chairs

Academic Affairs Committee - Chair: Blake Padget

The Academic Chair is responsible for organizing UT Law’s mentor program. She recruits upper level students to volunteer as role models both socially and academically for interested members of the incoming 1L class. Mentors are required to meet with their mentees at least once per semester and send a progress report to the chair to show that they have done so. The Academic Chair is also in charge of the bi-annual text book sale that occurs at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters. Students are encouraged to use the book sale to buy and sell both casebooks and supplements at a lower price than the bookstore or online sites. Lastly, the Academic Chair organizes Wellness Week that occurs once a semester before exams. The Academic Chair is always open to student suggestions to improve existing programs or to implement new ones.

    Members: Edwin Bibler, Jacob Williams, Nicholas Fall

Campus Activities Committee - Chair: Adam Borgman

The main goal of the Campus Activities Committee is to act as a liaison between the law school’s student body and the rest of the University of Toledo's main campus. This is primarily achieved through the committee’s participation in the Graduate Student Association (GSA). The Campus Activities Committee is in charge of the tailgates for the students during football season. It is also responsible for all the intramural teams for the law school.

    Members: Grace Borell, Benjamin Syroka, Caitlin Willard

Office of Professional Development - Chair: Rachel Johnson

The Office of Professional Development chair is responsible for establishing a link between the student body and the Office of Professional Development. This chair position puts together the Bar Association Forum event and helps to coordinate networking events. I have been helping OPD try to get feedback from the students so they can revamp their programs. OPD has revamped their program this year so we are trying to get the word out about what they are offering students.

    Members: Kaitlyn Filzer, Jessica Harter, Taylor Martin

Pro-Bono Committee- Co-Chairs: Adrianne Larbus & Leah Rurka

The Pro Bono Committee is responsible for all Student Bar Association sponsored community service efforts. Specifically, the committee arranges opportunities for students to donate both time and assistance to a range of organizations, including charities and government assistance programs. Each year, the Student Bar Association focuses on one organization that will be its community partner. This joint venture provides the law student body with the opportunity to give back to the community in a significant way. Some of the events and opportunities include, but are not limited to: the annual SBA Red Cross Blood Drives, Pro Se assistance, and the annual 5k Charity Race/Walk. These opportunities are meant to instill a culture of community service in the student body as each student prepares to enter the legal community. For more information, contact the Pro Bono Committee co-chairs.

    Members: Kaitlyn Filzer, Jacob Williams, Jessica Harter, Thomas Hobbs, Edwin Bibler

Social Committee - Co-Chairs: Adam Borgman & Allan Cameron

This committee provides diverse social activities to promote networking and collegiality and acts as a calendar clearing house for all organizational social activities. It strives to provide students with numerous opportunities to meet each other and to come together as a class and as a law school. This committee also helps to provide memorable experiences for the students and helps them to interact with each other and the faculty in a less stressful environment. The big events this group plans are the Mud Hens game, Fall Ball, Barrister's Ball, Grad Bash, and weekly Bar Reviews.

    Members: Taylor Martin, Grace Borell, Benjamin Syroka

Student Development Committee (Admissions) - Chair: Breanne Hitchen

The student development or admissions committee maintains communication between the admissions office and the Student Bar Association and helps develop the student body at the College of Law through the Student Ambassador Program. Student Ambassadors are highlighted on the College of Law website, available by email for questions, and are visible at admissions events in order to connect with and attract prospective students and show them all that the University of Toledo College of Law has to offer.

    Members: Thomas Hobbs