Welcome to Dr. Jennifer Beer's Self-Regulation Lab at the University of Texas at Austin!

Undergraduate Research Assistants for Spring 2022: Please contact in November 2021! We will be filling positions at that time.

Graduate Student Applicants for Fall 2022 Admission: At this time, we do not have plans to admit a student for Fall 2022. Dr. Beer can serve as co-advisor for applicants for Fall 2022 so please mention her name if interested in your application. Thank you!

Self Regulation Lab

Welcome to Jennifer Beer's lab! Our research focuses on:

Self and Authenticity

Emotion, Motivation

Social Cognition, Person Perception, Impression Formation

In our lab at the University of Texas at Austin, we're interested in how these processes contribute to appropriate social functioning. For example, how do our motivations to see ourselves and other people in particular ways impact our decisions in social interactions? At the moment, the main areas of our current research include social rejection, authenticity, and the neural basis of motivational influences on social construal. To address these questions, we use:

Behavioral methods

Behavioral observation (e.g., FACS coding)

Computational modeling

Self and peer-report

Neuroscience methods

Neuroimaging (fMRI, ERP)

Patients with lesions