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These are the NEW OER's for 2014-2015.  Please note that each post includes both the PDF for download and the link to be able to purchase copies.  


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7th Grade Integrated

8th Grade Integrated



  1. These texts will have a color cover, but black and white pages.  This keeps the costs low.
  2. Districts, schools, etc. are welcome to print the books through their own printing services.  We have provided the links above to support easy ordering, but you are more than welcome to print these resources on your own based on your access and cost.

Project Description

The science education community in partnership with BYU's David Wiley and funding from the Hewlett Foundation grant has embarked on a statewide scaling for open education resource development for secondary science. Building upon previous collaborations with educators in Nebo School district reaching back to 2009, this year the project reached out to engage educators from across the state on teams to build state textbooks for secondary science courses including 7th grade integrated science, 8th grade integrated science, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Eighteen districts and 4 charter schools had teacher representation in the writing groups that pulled together the textbook from open education resources such as The final textbooks are available in a digital PDF format for free.

The project will continue next year with implementing teachers keeping notes to use in revising the materials for the following year. This will be a continual process that provides a sustainable and cost effective solution to supporting student reference materials that are adaptable to changes in the Utah Core and science content knowledge.