Welcome to the website of the Kleberg Advanced Microscopy Center 

UTSA houses the most important state-of-the-art instruments in electron microscopy and other advanced microscopy equipment. The Center propels the world-class research in nanotechnology, biology, chemistry and condensed matter. This facility includes an aberration-corrected microscope on the STEM mode JEOL ARM 200F with a spatial resolution of 78 picometers.
 High resolution electron microscopes such as a field emission gun JEOL 2010F and a STEM Hitachi S5500 as well as confocal and probe microscopes. The Center is focused in high-resolution imaging, electron diffraction, electron holography, electron tomography, cryo-TEM and EELS. In addition, the group works with in situ electron microscopy: nanomechanical, electrical and optical measurements. 

The Kleberg Advanced Microscopy Center is a part of the Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) Program within the “Nanotechnology and Human Health Core”.  Additional information about this program available on-line.