Spring 2011

The spring semester of 2011 offers the following core classes::

Classical:    Hazeltine
Quantum:    Bohm
E&M:        Berk
Stat Mech:    Reichl

For those of you who followed our advice for the fall semester and waited to see if Dr. Hazeltine would teach classical in the spring, it was worth the wait. Dr. Bohm’s quantum mechanics is considered to be one of the easier quantum classes. He has been known to grade very easily but still adhere to the curve, which means getting full credit on homeworks is important. Small errors on tests and homeworks can therefore result in a larger than expected drop in grade. Dr. Reichl isn’t regarded as the most engaging of lecturers and has been known in the past to grade quite harshly. We do not have a review for Dr. Berk’s E&M. Dr. Demkov is teaching Solid State Physics 392K and has a very favorable review. 

Again, for first and second years we recommend considering Dr. Raizen’s colloquium class. This class is designed to be light in work load and should provide an easy A for those who do the work. Additionally, attendees of this class will benefit from having a bit of background going in to each colloquium. Not only should this greatly enhance understanding, or at least ward off sleep a little longer, but for those still undecided about their field of study it might prove useful in helping with your decision.

We haven’t heard that Dr. Coker has changed his requirement of a rather lengthy paper covering each speaker each week. This isn’t worth free pizza. We again caution against the pizza seminar.
The second student selected speaker will be giving the colloquium on March 23, 2011. The speaker will be Nobel
laureate John Hall, who received the prize "for their contributions to the development of laser-based precision spectroscopy, including the optical frequency comb technique".

Look for another social event this year once the semester has gotten underway.

Elections for the the GWC will be held at the end of the semester. Anyone who wants to get involved should consider running!