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The Graduate Welfare Committee (GWC) is a representative body elected by the physics graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin. Elections are held every May and terms last one year. Any graduate student can be elected to the GWC. The primary function of the GWC is to facilitate communication between the graduate student body and the physics faculty and department administration. This involves listening to student concerns and ideas and communicating them to the faculty, listening to faculty concerns and ideas and communicating with the student body, and coming up with creative ways to enhance graduate physics life. Efforts towards this involve hosting town halls where students can come to voice and discuss concerns, regular meetings with our corresponding GWC faculty members, attendance of faculty meetings by GWC members and the implementation of new ideas that originate from the GWC itself, the students and the faculty.

The graduate representatives are here to provide information and guidance to help graduate students avoid some of the common pitfalls of graduate education. In the event of a student grievance, the GWC also helps the student to interact with the physics administration. Some issues and concerns that involve the department as a whole, as well as individual concerns, are best handled by contacting a GWC member to discuss the issue.  All communication is strictly confidential.

A more complete list of our activities can be found here

We can be contacted at gradreps@physics.utexas.edu

Current representatives are: 

   Michael Brookman

             Kristy Kormondy  

           Jamie Gardner

              Frank Male

      Guilherme Nettesheim

            Chris Reilly

            Nikos Vergos

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