Experience, Judgment, and Action
A conference and workshop in contemporary philosophy

Date: April 17-19
    Location: JGB 2.218   (open to the public and free)

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Distinguished Keynotes:
Peter Railton (Michigan): "Rationality in Belief, Desire, and Action - An Integrated Account"
                        Comments by UT's Jonathan Dancy

Fred Dretske (Duke):  "What We See: The Texture of Conscious Experience"
                        Comments by UT's Michael Tye

Keynote Speakers:

Mark Schroeder (USC): "Stakes, Withholding, and the Subject-Sensitivity of 'Knows'"
                        Comments by UT's Josh Dever

David Barnett (UC Boulder): "Counterfactual Entailment"

                                 Comments by UT's Hans Kamp

Graduate Student Presenters:
Jon Litland (Harvard) - "An Actualist Theory of Properties"
Shannon Spaulding (UW-Madison) - "The Mark of the Cognitive" 
Thomas Metcalf (UC Boulder) - "The Return of the Logical Problem of Evil"
Mark McBride (Oxford) - "Is Knowledge Closed Under Known Entailment?" 


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