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  • 9.28.08
    Welcome to UTOPIA PLANITIA FLEET YARDS! The site is now live and content will be added when made available. The Links page has been updated. Please check back soon! - Rick

  • 10.02.08
    Added some images of Klingon Ships in ye olde Ship Rosters here. Looking like Hydrans might be updated soon as well, with a vague chance of Kzinti in the coming weeks. - Cloaky

  • 10.08.08
    The Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser (in the Federation section of the Starship Gallery) and Paladin Class Dreadnought (in the Hydran section of the Starship Gallery) have been updated. - Rick

  • 12.19.10
    Long time, no update! Well, that's about to change. Starting shortly (after a month or so - once the holidays are done) I will begin running PBEM games for a small group of friends. Should be a lot of fun. New players. Somewhat new players. And an old-schooler that used to play Star Fleet Battles back in the day. We'll be playing Federation Commander to start with. But who knows...maybe some SFB will be in our collective futures as well. I'm currently working on a test page to set up the PBEM sitreps. You can view the work here.

    Oh, and I've been busy helping Steve Cole and the ADB folks when I can as well. Gary Carney and I have started working on Federation Commander: Omega - a project that brings the Omega Octant from Star Fleet Battles into the Federation Commander fold. Check out the forum thread, some starship and planet art, and if you're really the Playtest Rules Pack from e23. - Rick
  • 1.15.11
    Brand new scenario Big Game Hunters added to the Scenarios section of the site. - Rick

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