• Marketing Week:

-          Monday, October 12th : Chick Fil-A Speaker @7:00pm SB1200B

-          Tuesday, October 13th: Faculty Breakfast 8:00am – 10:00am

-          Wednesday, October 14th: QL Social Media Workshop @7:00pm SB1200B

-          Thursday, October 15th: AMA Social

  • Wisconsin Whitewater Conference: October 16th


-          Registration fee: $20.

-          If you are going you need to register ASAP

-          There are also opportunities to participate in Sales, Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategy Competitions.

-          Once you register, let me know, so I can book the hotel rooms.


  • Other Conferences: (Register for the ones you want to go to ASAP)

-          Aurora State: October 30th

o   Registration: $24

o   Hotel: $80 per room/night


-          Johns Hopkins: November 7th

o   Registration: $15

o   Hotel: $100-$140 per room/night


  • Scent Panels 
    • We are doing the very first panel on Monday, November 9th 8:30 pm-5:00 pm
    • Go to the following link to sign up to help out. 
    • "We want to work with everyone as fairly as we can, but we also recognize how helpful and reliable AMA has been for us.  We see AMA as our go-to!
      We would like AMA on the first one in Nov so we are off to a good start." - Deidre Jones 

  • Redesigning COBI Website:
    • The Marketing Advisory board wants to look into redesigning COBI's website very soon and thought this would be a great way for AMA to get involved. Therefore, the DEAN and the board members would like to come in for one of our meetings to review the website in teams and work with us to get some ideas and figure out a plan! This is an amazing opportunity for a chapter!
    • October 26th