UT Austin Methodology Workshop

August 12 - August 16, 2008


The workshop is a five-day seminar, for graduate students, on philosophical methodology.  It will take place on the UT Austin campus, 8/12-8/16.

Possible subtopics include (but are not limited to) intuition, conceptual analysis, conceivability, thought experiments, reflective equilibrium, analyticity, reduction, and ontological commitment.

Each day of the workshop will include two or three seminar-style sessions led by faculty.  In addition, there may be some number of faculty-led round table discussions.  We hope for a high amount of interactivity amongst all participants.

The workshop will also feature a number of optional social outings including dinners, outdoor activities, and the finest of the Austin music scene.



All sessions will take place in Waggener 316.

Waggener, home of the philosophy department, is located on Speedway, between 21st and 24th.  WAG 316 is located on the third floor, adjacent to the philosophy department office.  Campus Map.


Confirmed Faculty Participants 

Derek Ball  (Arché

David Beaver (Texas)

Dan Bonevac (Texas)

Josh Dever (Texas)

Jeff King (Rutgers)

Dan Korman  (Illinois)

Marc Moffett (Wyoming)

Mark Sainsbury (Texas)

Roy Sorensen (Dartmouth)

David Sosa (Texas)

Ernest Sosa (Rutgers)


To Apply

The application process is now closed.  The workshop organizers (Alex Baia and Alex Grzankowski) can be contacted at utmethodology@gmail.com




Social Events 


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