The University of Toledo Labor & Employment Law Association




Welcome to the Labor & Employment Law Association of The University of Toledo College of Law.  


The Labor & Employment Law Association (LELA) is a student organization devoted to assisting in the education of future attorneys about the importance of labor and employment law in today's ever-changing society.  LELA aspires to provide a forum for discussion in the field of labor and employment law and its related subjects, to provide opportunities for its members to interact with peers and professionals, and to provide unique experiences to explore this area of law beyond those available with traditional classroom learning.

LELA welcomes law students interested in learning more about labor and employment law to join us at one of our meetings to explore if LELA membership would benefit them throughout their law school experience.  LELA is open to all law students at The University of Toledo College of Law.



To contact the Labor & Employment Law Association, e-mail