Earn Money

Want An Extra Income?

Many years ago we were introduced to this company by our neighbour, we we're intrigued as to what they did as they didn't go to work, but seemed very sociable and friendly, "Thanks Mark".

We'd never heard of the company, that's because they don't advertise and the savings go to the customers, we thought that's fantastic.

So the opportunity was that we could help other people to save money and make money ourselves too, it sounds too good to be true doesn't it? That's what we thought!

Being open minded, positive people we said "YES, we'll give it a go and learn how to do it later".

So we help people save money and have a brilliant time along the way

Shane and Melanie Morris

Do you fancy earning extra Money?

Check out the Business Opportunity on the company website and you'll see how you can become a Partner in the Business if you want to sign up straight away.

You'll be able to see how the money works, the amazing awards, incentives and events.

Join our team and we'll:

  • Help you sign up your friends and family as customers so they can save money
  • Assist you with your 'Home Business Launch' (held in your Living room) where you invite your friends and family or anyone you think might want to save or make money
  • Invite you to our monthly team meetings
  • Be your Mentor
  • Meet you at company events

What the company provides:

  • Opportunity presentations and events
  • Online and classroom training
  • Partner portal and personalised website for signing up customers
  • Website, app, presentations and videos to help you grow your business
  • Telephone support & technical support for Partners and customers
  • An online shop for merchandise

Join now and build your brighter future

About Us

We're Shane and Melanie Morris, Utility Warehouse Authorised Distributors / Partners in the Business.

We live in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire and if you're local to us then we can meet up.

If you live further away, you can still join - we can Mentor you and help you build up your business too.

Joining our Team

We hold regular team meetings and have a calendar of dates for this year.

See our Team Information page and give us a call

Contact Shane 07973 642083

Contact Melanie 07817 655274

You can express an interest in joining our team by either filling out the adjoining 'Join our Team' form or complete the 'Business Opportunity' form on the company website.

So how about you?

What is your number 1 priority ?

1. Extra income

2. Financial freedom

3. Have my own business

4. More time

5. Personal development

6. Helping others

7. Meeting new people

8. Retirement

Do you have a positive attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit ?