Many hands make light work.

Looking for a way to be involved in the band? There are lots of great opportunities to help out. Volunteer openings are posted on SignUp Genius*.

If you have a child in any band at Utica High School (including Marching Band) then you are automatically a UHS Band Booster! All Boosters are encouraged to help out. Volunteering to help the band is a very rewarding experience. Please come to the Band Booster Meetings to learn more. Boosters meet in August, September, October, November, February, April and June. Typically on the third Wednesday at 7 pm in the Band Room, but there are some adjustments based on holidays, etc. See the Band's Calendar for exact dates/times of booster meetings.

We've found a successful approach to handling fundraisers and events is to have a chairperson with a support team to assist. This allows people an opportunity to sign up for an activity that fits best with their personal schedule/calendar without having to commit to a long term gig. In addition, there are board positions that are elected annually at the April Booster Meeting. Board positions are for one year from June 1 to June 1. To learn more about the band booster board please see the Bylaws found under Documents.

If you will be volunteering in any band/student activity, you must fill out and submit a UCS Volunteer Criminal History Check Form. Copy with band/File with the UHS Office. Once upon entry.

In addition to life's most precious commodity (time)...

Items you can donate:

Bottled Water (not vitamin or flavored - just plain water).

Candy for Parades (wrapped hard candy/not chocolate as it melts).

Make a monetary donation to the Band Booster organization.

Or purchase an item from the Band Director "Wish List"~with a limited budget there are always items the band director would appreciate having for the program.

Volunteer areas to lend a hand:

Trailer: Pull the band's trailer to camp, Band-A-Rama, parades and festivals (MB in fall). The trailer is used to carry percussion/larger instruments/etc. Help with maintenance and care of the trailer to ensure safety.

Equipment Crew: Move instruments/equipment over to the field for football games and festival either off trailer or from the school. Have equipment set up and ready for performances. Carry water coolers over to the field. Make sure podiums and step ladders are set up safely on the field for the drum majors. Push frontline equipment to place (may include speakers/bass amp/electric) or show props if using. Clear field after show. Assist with trailer loading/unloading & maintenance as necessary. Help ensure all band equipment is in good working order & functioning properly. Some light repair work may be needed. Note: Be aware of MSBOA rules at festival for field access.

Bleachers: Clean off the bleachers before games. Wipe down if wet from rain. Rope off seating for band from crowd.

Water: Put water and ice in coolers and get over to the field. If you sign up for water duty please either bring bags of ice (4 bags) or get ice from the Athletic Training Room in the school. Encourage band members to drink water. It is very important they all stay hydrated. Re-stock water as nec.

Stop Sign Holders: Hold stop signs to stop traffic on the band's way to and from the field when crossing Shelby Road in front of the school. Three going over to the field - one at foot of north entrance driveway, one to block subdivision to side of field & one by field side gate where band enters stadium. Also over in the bleacher area when the band is performing pre-game. Make sure the drum majors have area clear to conduct from.

Uniforms: Marching Band uniforms do not go home with students. They check them out when they arrive for a game/event. Afterwards they turn them back in. A team of four to six people help check the uniforms in and out. Also, help with buckets and plumes. Raincoats if used. Afterwards, they help collect and make sure everything is turned in, hung properly and that any cleaning/damage items are handled. In addition, a Uniform Coordinator who organizes fittings/tracks inventory. NOTE: Mrs. Fullmer will be stepping down after 2019/2020. Would be good to have someone shadow her & take over when she "graduates"

Walking with the Band (parades): Your role is to catch/pick up any items that may fall or be dropped while marching and to support/assist the students in any way they may need help. Marchers may require medical assist or may need help stepping over obstacles such as railroad tracks. You also help to ensure parade viewers don't get in the way of the marching band. For example, you may need to ask viewers to step back so they do not get hurt when the band marches by. Be very careful of small children grabbing for candy. Safety always. At the Homecoming parade we've been having band siblings give out candy. At the other parades chaperones give candy. We've found it works well to haul candy in larger containers, but distribute using smaller buckets.