Cheesecake Sale

Greetings UHSMB and families! Now that some of the hype of Festival has died down, I'd like to remind everyone to continue with your effort to sell the Max and Emily's cheesecakes.

Orders will be need to be deposited in the orange box in the band room no later than October 26 with a one check payment to cover all of your orders made out to UHS Band Boosters.

The date of delivery will be November 14.

Please continue to work hard at selling these cheesecakes. For those who might be hesitant because of the price, please relay that they are made in Michigan, from scratch, and keep well frozen for months. There is no other place you will receive such quality at this price point. Local bakeries can charge almost twice this amount, and the big box stores, in my opinion, do not sell cheesecakes as rich and flavorful as these. For those wanting a sampler, the bottom of the menu card describes which cakes are in the sampler.

Above all else, this is a fundraiser for our band and worth the effort to nudge people a bit! 😉

Please let me know if you have any questions about the sale.

Thank you!

Shonna Heersma