Utica High School (UHS) has a rich history of offering an outstanding instrumental music program. Participation in music fosters confidence, concentration and creativity that will last a lifetime. The opportunity for students to enhance their education through a quality music program is offered at UHS via several rewarding options.

Marching Band

Utica is proud of its talented Marching Band. Utica High School Marching Band (UHSMB) provides entertainment at home football games, local parades and events as well as the District's Band-A-Rama and the District XVI Michigan School Band & Orchestra Association (MSBOA) Band Festival in October. UHSMB blends the talents of woodwinds, brass, percussion, and color guard in their performances. All members practice over summer break and attend Band Camp together to prepare for the upcoming season. In addition, students put in many hours of practice outside of the school day, especially during the first semester of the school year. Freshmen participate in Utica's Marching Band even though they attend Eppler, Jeannette or Shelby Junior High School.

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is a full year course designed to help high school musicians develop the technical aspects of their instrument while improving their overall musicianship. Symphonic Band is comprised of woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Participation in the Symphonic Band involves mandatory performances and rehearsals for Winter, Spring, and Pre-Festival Concerts, Commencement (non-Seniors), as well as participation at the District XVI MSBOA Band Festival.

Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is an advanced music full year course for woodwinds, brass, and percussion students. A more difficult level of instrumental repertoire is rehearsed and performed. This group plays a variety of music designed for students to increase their technical abilities and theoretical knowledge in instrumental music. Members must be dedicated in their time commitment put forth and display a higher level of technical ability. Participation in the Wind Ensemble will result in mandatory performances and rehearsals, including Winter, Spring, and Pre-Festival concerts, Commencement (non-Seniors), as well as participation at the District XVI MSBOA Band Festival.


Jazz Band is a class at Utica High School where a variety of jazz music is explored. In addition, students may be involved in after school rehearsals. Students in Jazz Band work on improving their improvisational skills, ensemble interaction and personal musicianship. Jazz Band may participate in the annual Jazz Festival at Central Michigan University.