Global Health Scholarly Concentration

The mission for the Scholarly Concentration in Global Health is: 
· to increase the awareness of global health issues in our undergraduate medical curriculum
· to provide students with the opportunity to experience supervised, clinical service in underserved areas
· to prepare future physicians to deal with increasingly globalized populations
· to prepare future leaders in the area of global medicine
· to increase multicultural sensitivity of our students

This concentration provides for work over the course of your four years here at the UTHealth Medical School in many different aspects of global health that will allow interested students an opportunity to receive an expanded and enriched learning and scholarly experience in a non-specialty-based area of emphasis while completing their 4-year medical curriculum.  

How to apply?
               Applications open January 2016. Please visit the Scholarly Concentration Website link listed below to apply!

Link to the Scholarly Concentration website

For more information, contact or Dr. Greeley