About Our Club

We are a coed recreational club for ALL experience levels, from those who have never stepped foot in a gym to those who have done the sport for most of their lives!  

We practice three times a week, Monday Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00pm-10:00pm at GymTek Academy off of Western Ave. Practices are pretty laid back but you can be coached by the officers and other experienced members if you want. We also go to four to five competitions against other club teams throughout the year. This past year we went to Virginia Tech in the fall, Clemson University, Emory University, and Kennesaw State University in the spring, as well as Nationals in Fort Worth, Texas in April! Competitions are geared towards all skill levels, girls can choose to compete and be judged on a J.O. level 9 scale or level 8 scale, while boys are judged on a level 10 scale. In years past we have had many gymnasts who started for the first time in the fall and competed very successfully at Nationals. Similar to practices, they are very laid back and great fun! Competitions are not required, but it is a great experience. The club also participates in fundraising and community service events throughout the year. 

If you find you enjoy it (which you will), dues are $140/semester which goes directly to the gym for rental. In addition, the first three practices are free. We are also usually able to offer competitions free of charge due to our fundraising efforts.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are a very fun and active club and welcome all who are interested!