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Internship Information

Incoming students often ask for more information/help finding an internship. This page is mean to be an aggregation of available resources and history of student internships. We also host an annual internship orientation, where senior students can discuss internships they have had in the past and discuss them in more detail. This orientation will take place September 2nd after the conclusion of the weekly seminar.  

      The best UT resource for finding an internship is the Engineering Career Assistance Center (ECAC). ECAC is a university organization that helps students find internships and jobs. They host two career fairs per year. The spring career fair is February 2nd, from 10-4. Information from ECAC is regularly emailed to all engineering students. The easiest place to learn about companies which will appear at the career fair is found here

     You should not solely rely on ECAC to find an internship. Many students also have success at the Natural Science Career Fair, which is February 14th, from 1-6. Follow this link for more information about the companies at this career fair. 
     A few students may be interested in attending the McCombs Business School Fair, but most students attend and have success at the ECAC and Natural Science fairs.  The McCombs fair is only open from 3-5 pm on February 1st for non-business school students. Their attire requirements are strictly enforced, and can be found here. They will not let you in if you do not meet these requirements. You can find more information here
For a calendar of all UT career fairs, please follow this link.

Most importantly, network with your fellow students and your professors! They likely have many suggestions to give you. If you are curious about past internships from our ORIE students, please follow this link .