Kill A WJU Community Member

 And it really, really works!




"We are a caring community and it is important we have open discussions that do not degrade or slander someone's name or reputation...when opinions use specific names and/or refer to specific identifiable people we have cross of the line of a compassion community." 


In the immortal words of one Corey King, former Vice-President for Student Affairs at Wheeling Jesuit University, that is what WJU's online community stands for. We are a compassion community, and would never, ever cross such a line for the sake of a cheap laugh.

PSYCH! Remember this sucker from days-gone-by? I figured that it was such a hoot that I may as well save it. And, of course, if anyone has better list, that can be arranged. Let's take a walk through history and see if you can be sold into clicking the button and possibly killing a close friend!


Tired of members of Wheeling Jesuit University as a whole, but just don't know where to start? Look no further. Welcome to Kill A WJU Community Member, a new development straight from the Fujiyama Institute of Science and Science-Men. In collaboration with Sgt. Hercules School of Casual Warfare and the IFDOH, our top Science-Men have developed this user-friendly tool. Even a Protestant could figure it out.

How does it work? Click the button below. Using highly sophisticated "CHAOS" theory, Kill A WJU Community Member selects for you your next target. Be wary - although you may click the button more than once, you may be unpleasantly surprised when it turns out that the next person to die from this you.

DISCLAIMER: If a name of someone who no longer is a part of this community comes up, you can't blame me. It's part of "CHAOS", obviously. But, you can track him or her down if you want.

WARNING: If you're one of those people that takes everything seriously; first of all, you shouldn't be on the Internet. More specifically, you shouldn't be here, because I know your heart won't be able to stand the terror.

SUPER WARNING: This database is not exhaustive, as this list has not been updated since 2004! Do not spend your whole week waiting for one name to come up that may or may not be in there!!!