WJU Graduation 2006

WARNING: Dial-up unfriendly! (lol dial-up) 

I think I heard someone say there was a graduation going on.

More pictures will come when "the miserable souls who survived that terrifying ordeal" get around to sending me their bounty from their digital cameras. In the meantime, we will meditate and consider the leaf from the cherry blossom tree as it falls into a narrow creek. 

--- Chris Lim


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Note: Pictures were cropped/edited slightly to be Internet friendly. Originals and repeats are with me; wallpaper-friendly versions can be made upon request.





Commencement and Important People Talking




 Acker Science Center and Mathematics Department



Genre Breakers 




Special thanks to the photographers using the cameras of Will Esgro, Nick Massa, and Tracy Moody, and to the graduates whose mugshots are featured here: Tim Adkins, Ashley Arango, Mattia Bartolini, Stephano Bartolini, Tony Cinson, Will Esgro, Tommy Gallagher, Nick Massa, Tony Mazza, Tracy Moody, Megan Murrman,and other people who got in the way of our photographs (especially Heather Hammack and Sarah Weaver).