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 Wake up with The King.


Hello there. UtarEmpire here, letting you know that things are a-ok. Because I know that you wanted to know that, and, in my graciousness, I am letting you know it in so many words! 

But enough about that. I don't want to give the impression that I'm not constantly working hard to bring glory to this great nation, which I am doing, of course. I've been in the United States for, wow, something like eight months now, which is really quite surprising if you think about it. Surprising that I haven't been shot at, that is. I know that my notion of urban safety would probably make you instinctively reach for your bulletproof vest just by reading about the kinds of blind risks that I take on a daily basis.

Anyway, as always, I can be reached via a variety of instant messaging options, made all the more convenient through a piece of software called Digsby, which is something that I strongly encourage that you download if you have a million email/instant messaging/social networking clients running at all time, under the delusion that one actually has friends that wish to contact you. It's kind of sad, really.

And I certainly hope that everything is going grand for you.