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Curriculum Vitae

Utako Arakawa (Soprano) started her study in the Nagoya College of Music in Japan and graduated as a singer and music  teacher.

After her study in Japan
she was selected a scholarship student sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Education and studied at the conservatory in Utrecht with professor Thom Bollen. During her education in Japan and The Netherlands she followed several courses at the International Summer Acadamy Mozarteum in Salzburg with professor Rudolf Knoll and professor Ellen Müller-Preis. She also joined master classes in Vienna and the opera theater in Nagoya.

After her study in Utrecht she studied at the Neue Opernschule Zürich in Switzerland with a scholarship from the Neue Opernschule Zürich. In Japan she was member of the Society of Musicians. where she sang in many concerts and played opera roles. In Switzerland she performed in opera concerts in Zurich and Lugano. Her repertoire ranges from opera, lieder, oratorium, gospels, Japanese songs to modern music. For opera roles, especially Sofie–“der Rozencavalier” from R. Strauss and Gilda –“Rigoretto” by Verdi, Cho-Cho-san (Madama Butterfly) by Puccini have been highly regarded.  Currently she lives in Haarlem, Netherlands and performs in Europe and Japan.

Japone www.japone.nl

Since 2016 Utako is soprano,vocals and actress in "Japone"

Theatrical group “Japone” consisting of seven internationally performing Japanese artists who are currently living in the Netherlands, Germany and Japan.

Utako Arakawa (Soprano/Vocals/Actress), Kazuma Glen Motomura (Dancer/Actor/Martial Artist/Choreographer),
Shinnosuke Fujiwara (Stage adviser/Performer of Japanese traditional dance and sword fighting/Actor), Ayumi Matsuda (Recorder/Composer), Noriko Amano (Keyboard), Makiko Goto (Koto* old Japanese instrument) and Hiromi Haneda (Screen image art).

Sound of Japan

After the Great East Japan Earthquake (a.k.a the 3/11 disaster) Utako organized 3 “Sound of Japan Charity concerts for Tsunami orphans” in Netherlands and Switzerland.

Ensemble Per Te

Since 2015 Utako is soprano in “Ensemble Per Te”, which consists of Noriko Amano (Harpsichord) and Fernand Bernadi (Bas).

Trio Per Te