About Us

The Utah Water Ski Association (UTWSA) is an USA Water Ski Association affiliated organization that is dedicated to promoting, supporting, and educating all organized disciplines in the sport of water skiing in the State of Utah. UTWSA is constantly finding new ways to accomplish these goals whether it be in holding a "learn to" clinic, sponsoring specific events, or educating the many officials needed to run local tournaments. All in all, UTWSA is here to stand behind all towed water sports in Utah.

UTWSA's support for water rights of our member's sometimes takes into the legislative arena to initiate and oppose proposed bills and laws that affect our sport. On occasion, UTWSA will work with the state and local governments to create or enforce fair laws that benefit our interests. Topics like powerboat usage, restricted lake hours, flotation rules, tournament course application, and overall saftey, to name just a few. Our success is measured in the continued water rights we enjoy here in Utah.

Another interest of UTWSA is in promoting and holding events put on by different sport divisions: 3 event, Show Skiing, Barefooting, Wakeboarding, Collegiate, and Disabled skiing. All of the sport divisions of the UTWSA are affiliated and governed by the USA Water Ski Association that is the national governing body. The UTWSA tries to maintain representatives for each sport division on its UTWSA Board who keeps in contact with the USA Water Ski Association and stays updated with current info and regulations. They relay their newest findings of correct information concerning the particular divisions to the members of UTWSA through the UTWSA Monthly Newsletter or our informative UTWSA.org website. This way, each member will be informed with up-coming promotions and events so they may take advantage.

UTWSA's education involves skiers as well as officials and drivers. Through the year UTWSA sponsors or informs its members about development clinics and opportunities of training from beginning levels to very advanced. Check out our website for these announcements. Sport training is not the only education UTWSA is involved in. Usually each year there are official's clinics to help members become USAWS certified so they can continue to judge and drive and be involved in sanctioned events.

As you can see, there is much more to the sport than simply participating. Being a member of the UTWSA will make you aware of all the other aspects that you may want and need to know in order to stay safe, have FUN, and get the most from the sport. The UTWSA is designed and dedicated to that purpose.

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